Danielle Mayuri         whitelakelilly@gmail.com

Danielle Mayuri whitelakelilly@gmail.com

I am excited to contribute…

… my deep passion for forests, for the living network of the Forest; animals, minerals, plants, water, spirits, communities. It is for these delicate webs of life, that I am here in service. I envision a world covered in thriving, intact forests again.

My intention is to share my passion for conserving and restoring primary forests, my knowledge from researching global forest activities, and experience with online campaigning and fundraising.

My wish is that together, our dreams are nourished, and we rise & amplify results for forests through the alchemy of our sharing.

I wish to feel our community come together as a group; able to trust, communicate, share, support and create together for the good of the whole biosphere.