I am honored…

… to be involved with this gathering because I live in service of humanity's evolution as a force on our planet that promotes whole ecosystem balance, including thriving forests. I am humbled to have the opportunity to be with all the amazing individuals who will be in attendance.

I am bringing a few specific contributions, 1) the gift of service in organizing and producing the gathering, 2) a commitment to being in the conversation with a 'listening' for alignment and emerging opportunities, and 3) my natural passion for building meaningful relationships that connect people and their highest purpose with a next action to serve the world.

I am hopeful that the outcomes that flow our experience together at this gathering result in significant and massive impact. Both as who I am, and from being in the unique position of getting to know each Council Member through the invitation and enrollment process, I know this is possible to the extent that each of us can arrive with an open mind and courageous soul and am filled with anticipation to see how it all unfolds.

For me, the best quality of the shared vision of a Verdant World is that it calls me to bring the idea of ‘problem solved’ out of the realm of some future state and strive to see how it is already present now. It’s a subtle distinction but powerful to know that when we hold the vision as manifest(ing), the larger energetic, environmental, and human ecosystem will adapt and align with complete balance because that’s what it does.

Knowing that this energy is both created by and available to everyone that shares the drive to make it so, fills me with immense hope, joy and energy to serve.