Providing resources to scale and accelerate
the best projects for preserving and protecting the forests of the world.

Forests are necessary for the life of every single organism on the planet. They store carbon, give out oxygen, cycle and filter water, hold soil intact, house biodiversity, and provide food and medicine.

We are called to protect the world’s critical intact forest landscapes, and to restore adjacent forest cover, creating corridors and buffer zones for biodiversity and healthy watersheds.

Our intention is to amplify, accelerate and unify the incredible work that is already being done, forging solutions at scale with the challenges we face, and breathing life into the balance of our natural world again.

Saving and restoring our great forests will transform the paradigm and language of our culture so that forests, the sacred life-givers of our planet, are no longer considered am expendable resource, but once again recognized as rights-bearing, living entities and an integral part of our own lifecycle.

As we learn to listen to our inner innate wisdom, and to turn to the teachings of the indigenous and natural guides around us, we remember our roles as protectors and restorers of the eco-and life-systems that sustain us.